Biometry and Body Mapping – Biomap

Advance in technological innovations, an increase in the rate of pigmented lesions, and lack of appropriate national computerized systems for medical support and prevention of tumors, contributed to the creation of Biometry and Body Mapping Units – BIOMAP.

BIOMAP Units consist of an adequate well lit environment with visual measurements, equipments, clothing and technician especially trained to receive people and perform purchasing, storing and transferring database and images of skin features through a computerized system. This environment was conceived by Atonus Engineering Systems Company, which has been in the market since 1995, focusing in assisting and preventing skin cancer.

The company has developed a system capable of identifying and mapping images of the human body in order to trace the occurrence and growing pigmented spot of the skin overtime. The specification of a determined pigmented area can be detailed through Dermocospy –Video System – SVD, especially developed to work in the same environment, favoring a sketching and measurement of the referred pigmented area to clinical analysis.

They communicate remotely via Biomap Web , illustrated and administrative website built to exchange information among its own Units and Atonus.

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